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Name: Glenn McGraw

Team: Florida Gators

A University of Florida graduate and a former engineer, Glenn kicked the corporate life in order to pursue his passion as a sports fan. Having traveled for the better part of his life to take in sporting events across the country, the culture that he experienced in different locations particularly interested him. He is now in charge of the creative direction of Gamedayr. Glenn can be reached at

James Harden Learns Carlton Dance From The Legend Himself
James Harden learning how to do the Carlton Dance from the legend himself? Yes, please.
11 hours ago
MEME: Rachel Nichols Is Real MVP At Roger Goodell Presser
Rachel Nichols has been crowned the real MVP of the Roger Goodell press conference. For that, she gets the Kevin Durant...
15 hours ago
Arkansas State Player Who Fakes Death On Punt Gets ’30 For 30′ Spoof
The Arkansas State player who faked his death during a punt against the Miami Hurricanes receives "30 for 30" spoof...
18 hours ago
UF Twitter’s ‘Beet Bama’ Tweet Is Something Else
UF Twitter's "Beet Bama" tweet is really something else. Here's what the Internet had to say about the fail.
20 hours ago
Devin Hester, Deion Sanders Share Emotional Postgame Moment
Devin Hester and Deion Sanders shared a very emotional postgame moment after Hester broke Primetime's all-time return...
21 hours ago
John Calipari As A Crybaby In This Newspaper Is Haunting
John Calipari is a crybaby on The Courier-Journal newspaper' front page Friday morning. The image could haunt your...
John Calipari
21 hours ago
Eric LeGrand’s Tweet To Tampa Bay Buccaneers Is The Best
Eric LeGrand's tweet to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Thursday night's Atlanta Falcons game is the best.
23 hours ago
This Is What LeBron James Looks Like In An Akron Zips Jersey
This is LeBron James photoshopped in an Akron Zips jersey thanks to the LeBron James Family Foundation.
2 days ago
Kansas State Fans Paint ‘Roll Snyd’ On Bodies For Auburn Game
Kansas State fans paint "Roll Snyd" on their bodies for Auburn game.
2 days ago
Duke’s 8-Bit Scoreboard For Throwback Game Is Too Cool For School
Duke's 8-bit scoreboard for the Blue Devils' throwback game against Tulane is too cool for school.
College Football
2 days ago
Watch This Soccer Player Fall Into A Hole Celebrating Goal
Watch soccer player Joel fall into a hole while trying to celebrate a goal with fans.
2 days ago
WATCH: Red Lighting-Blue Thunder Ball Boy Battle By Sports Science
The Red Lightning-Blue Thunder ball boy battle has been broken down by ESPN's Sports Science.
2 days ago
Derek Jeter Did It His Way In Moving Gatorade Commercial
Derek Jeter did it his way in moving Gatorade commercial. The Captain's walk in the Bronx is coming to an end.
Sports Biz
2 days ago
Tom Brady Throws Back Thursday With Post-College Resume
Tom Brady throws back Thursday with his post-college resume, sharing it on Facebook.
Tom Brady
2 days ago
Clemson Players Remember Jameis Winston’s ‘Disrespectful’ Tweet
Clemson players haven't forgotten Jameis Winston's "disrespectful" tweet of Death Valley.
College Football
2 days ago
Jameis Winston Handed Suspension For Part Of Clemson Game
Jameis Winston has been handed a suspension for a portion of the Clemson game.
Jameis Winston
3 days ago
We Have An Alabama Elephant Car Spotting Again
The Alabama elephant car has been spotted again. Roll Tide Roll.
3 days ago
Vandy’s Derek Mason Just Set The Bar For Pre Game Speeches
Vanderbilt coach Derek Mason set the bar for pre game speeches prior to the UMass game.
College Football
3 days ago
Billy Horschel Continues Greatest Week In History
Florida Gator alumnus Billy Horschel continued the greatest week in history on Tuesday with the birth of his baby girl.
3 days ago
Bryce Harper Celebrates NL East Title In His D.C. Fireman Hat
Bryce Harper celebrated the Washington Nationals' NL East title in his custom D.C. fireman hat.
4 days ago