2012-13 Bowl Season: Bah Humbug

Well I have some good news, the bowl selection committees do not hate your team. They hate people. And this year they gave us the middle finger to show just how very much.

Florida Gators football: Offsides

Joe Aramini takes a look at some of the Florida Gators’ deepest traditional rivalries from a very unique perspective. Would you be ‘special’ friends with a Georgia fan if you were a member of Gator Nation?

Drink Up Gainesville 2012

Its game day and you’re in Gainesville, the party play land of the South. You’re already on a roll with remarkable decisions, now if only you knew the perfect place to grab some food and cocktails while you’re in college football paradise.

Florida vs Georgia rivalry – The art of tailgating

Florida/Georgia. Just mentioning the game will invoke overwhelming amounts of memories for anyone who has ever been a part of it: Jacksonville, The Landing, concerts, costume contests, boots, sundresses, jorts, gator chomps, lots of barking and a stadium split down the middle.