Aaron Craft Memes Came To Play Following Ohio State’s Loss To Dayton

Following Ohio State’s March Madness loss to Dayton, many people on Twitter took a second to acknowledge the end of Aaron Craft’s college career. Then there were the comedians. Craft memes came to play and, well, they were pretty damn funny.

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With that said, Aaron Craft, we salute your career, and are sad that these will be the last memes you ever give us while wearing an Ohio State jersey.

And a little StarCraft for good measure.

[GIF via @SBNationGIF/GIPHY]


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  • RepublicansAreBadForTheEconomy

    Just funny as can be, really!

    (I am a through-&-through Bucks fan in all sports, but I’ve never been able to see the reason for the praise in Craft. Seems like he has screwed us SO MUCH more often than he has come through in the clutch. Last two games, for example, losing the handle on the last shot against Michigan, and then being surprised that the guy would charge for a layup to the right side, since HE WAS ON THE RIGHT SIDE ALREADY!)

    The kid can dribble down the court really fast, and is great at grabbing a few steals every game, but HE HOGS THE BALL, SHOOTS WAY TOO MUCH, AND COMES IN FOR LAYUPS WITH NO FINESSE… JUST LUMBERING IN HAPHAZARDLY.

    (With how much playing time he had over the years, no wonder he is up there in record categories for the Big Ten. The kid is decent, comes no where near to matching his hype. Enjoy your upcoming career A-A-RON, possibly in insurance sales, or maybe just taking some time off first to hang out with Tebow?)

    • buckeyerus

      You’re not an OSU fan in anything. Craft took us to 3 straight sweet 16s and a final four. IF you need to trash someone try Ross! You know nothing about basketball which is clear by your stupid post.