Around The Horn Of Pablo Torre’s Emotions During UVA’s Near Upset Loss

“Around the Horn” panelist Pablo Torre isn’t always a contrarian. But when he is, the man charges hard. Torre once again selected a No. 16 seed to upset a top seed in the NCAA Tournament, except this time the game was close.

Coastal Carolina fought Virginia tooth and nail until finally fading in the game’s waning moments. Since the world now wears it’s collective heart on Twitter, let’s take a look at Torre’s roller coaster ride of emotions during the upset bid. Buckle up and prepare for caps lock.

Reminder: don’t call Torre out for the caps.

Time to get hyped.

Early lead for the underdogs; we’re off and running.





The game is still close …

… and it’s starting to take its toll.

Right about now is when hope turns to belief, and emotions climb to another level.




Now a race to the finish.

One last glimmer of excitement.

And then the fall.

Stage 1 of loss/grief: Denial

Stage 4 of loss/grief: Depression.

Stage 5 of loss/grief: Acceptance

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”