#AskCommish Twitter Reactions Don’t Phase Roger Goodell

It’s draft week and the NFL doesn’t give a Flipmode Squad what you have to say about it. You’re going to watch, read and maybe write about it, which is all that matters. You wanna throw darts at Roger Goodell? Bring it. Here, use the hashtag #AskCommish and poop on him in 140 characters or less. The Sheriff is on the clock. Let’s ride out.

And for those who think this was a “train wreck” PR move: it wasn’t. The difference between Goodell’s session and the colossal screw-ups that were #AskEmmert and #MyNYPD is that The Sheriff doesn’t care. He knew what was coming.

He embraces the hate. He is the new David Stern. He is Vince McMahon. He is The Emperor. He is fueled by your loathing, channeling it into billions of dollars. And what does he do when there’s something he doesn’t like?

The Sheriff is on another level.