Arby’s Reserves Parking For Washington Great LaVar Arrington

A Richmond Arby’s is excited to have the Washington Redskins back in town for training camp. Owner Dean Kovanes started a new tradition last year when he reserved a parking spot for Robert Griffin III. This year that VIP space has been designated for Washington great LaVar Arrington.

Kovanes views it as a fun marketing opportunity.

“We’re just trying to have a little fun with it,” he said. “We’re literally right across the street from the camp. With the RGIII thing last year and fans asking me about it this year, hopefully this will be a tradition and we’ll do it every year.”

And the boss is always looking for any suggestions fans may have.

“If any Redskins fans have any ideas for next year, please let me know,” he said. “We’ll be glad to use it if it’s a good one.”

Following is an NBC Washington report on Arrington’s new space.

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