Aroldis Chapman On Pace To Set Velocity Record For His Fastball

Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman regularly throws his fastball over 100 mph, although most don’t realize just how often he does it. He is poised to set the record for fastball velocity in a season at 100.6 mph. No one has ever recorded a velocity average for a season in the triple digits until now.

There are 14 pitchers in the MLB this year that have thrown over 100 mph on a combined 469 pitches. Of those 469 pitches, 325 came from the hand of Aroldis Chapman. Also, Chapman has thrown a total of 763 pitches this season. So simple math tells us that Chapman has hit triple digits on 42% of his pitches.

Reds manager Bryan Price attributed maturing as a player for Chapman’s fastball velocity staying above 100 mph for the entire season.

“I think there is probably a maturation process to how to get loose, how not to do too much before a game, when to long toss, when not to long toss and how to be ready to post up every day as a relief pitcher,” Price said. “It’s certainly a learned craft.”