Auburn website fails on recruit Rashaan Evans’ announcement

Auburn apparently thought that Rashaan Evans was going to stick to The Plains on National Signing Day. The team’s website listed Evans before he announced his commitment, which eventually went to Alabama.

rashaan evans auburn website fail

One of the first thoughts that came to mind was that this could be an Internet troll job. Martin Rickman of was tracking Auburn’s website.

Here’s a clip of the video Auburn posted of Evans.

  • Michael Musgrove

    “announcemdent?” Sheesh- at least spellcheck your headline, especially when you’re going to call other people out for their website.

    • Gamedayr

      This post (including headline) went through several permutations in a short amount of time. Haste got the better of us on this one. Thanks for the comment. We have amended. –GD

      • Gamedayr

        Haste** Damn, one of those days.