Bradley Beal’s 21st Birthday Party Has Its Own Recap Video

Bradley Beal attended the University of Florida.

So did I.

Bradley Beal’s 21st birthday party included copious amounts of booze, some athletes, a little tasteful nudity and a fun night on the town.

So did mine.

And yet, our parties were so much different.

Beal did life right at the Marquee Restaurant and Lounge in St. Louis. There was top-shelf champagne; women with their naked bodies painted like Washington Wizards jerseys; and people doing circus tricks from the ceiling (think: every Pink awards show performance from the past five years).

I went to Ocala Jai Alai; scarfed down about seven 50-cent hot dogs and a dozen 50-cent beers; went home, stripped down naked and did a keg stand; threw up; and then ate birthday cake.

All documentation of my debauchery has, thankfully, been destroyed.

Bradley Beal has a recap video of his party.

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