Can Floyd Mayweather Read? Here’s A Telling 10-Second Drop

Typically it’s not funny to make fun of someone who has a reading disability. But let’s be real for a minute: Floyd Mayweather spends his life clowning on people, and would probably be the first one to point out someone’s inability to enjoy a good book. The Money man doesn’t quit talking, but apparently can’t read a 10-second drop for a radio show.

But then again, who needs to read when you have $280 million in the coffer? I’d probably take a pass on the books, too.

During Friday morning’s “The Breakfast Club” on Power 105, the radio crew shared an unedited version of Mayweather’s promo for iHeartRadio. The struggle is really real. And as Tom Ley of Deadspin points out, if you find yourself enjoying this clip of Mayweather attempting to read a little too much, you can rest easy knowing that he isn’t exactly a standup human being.

Warning: NSFW language used in the video (reading starts at the 2-minute mark). 

Now we know why 50 Cent has significantly lowered his expectations for Mayweather when it comes to his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.