Chandler Parsons’ Free Chipotle Card Is Burritoful

Chandler Parsons has received the gift of a lifetime from Chipotle Mexican Grill: free burritos for, well, a lifetime. Parsons posted a photo of the company’s burritoful care package to his Instagram account.

Game changer. Thanks @chipotlemexicangrill!!

Parsons is the latest athlete to receive this “game changer” from Chipotle. The company keeps its ears to the ground for any public figures who publicly or privately endorse the brand. They then send a card redeemable for one free burrito per day for life. It’s all in the hopes that the athlete will do just as Parsons has: share it through social media.

Unlike other brands who pay athletes for endorsements, Chipotle prefers this style of grassroots advertising, deeming it more authentic.

“Word of mouth is something that builds a lot stronger and it’s not as artificial. We think our food sells itself, and that’s one of the things that enables our word-of-mouth marketing.”

In the end all parties win. Chipotle gains advertisement on the low while looking hip; Parsons earns free grub; and we fans get to daydream about all the different delectable combinations we’d make with a lifetime of gratis burritos.