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Charles Barkley Confronted By D-Bag Radio Host, Nearly Stomps Him

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This faux-righteous crusade by the people of San Antonio against Charles Barkley needs to stop. First the billboards, then the trotting out of children for an exploitative women’s lib/political campaign, and now there’s this d-bag radio host who damn near gets his ass whooped for being a provocateur. It’s jokes, people.

According to the source, the guys in this are from the syndicated Billy Madison radio show. From what Google and Youtube illustrate, the show is one of those Crazy Ira and the Douche broadcasts. It’s a sad day when a man can’t enjoy the spoils of a good hotel bar. Alas, Sir Charles seems to have a bullseye on his back.

[Redditor teshyybphotography]

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