Chris Kluwe: NFL Gives Redemption For Wife Beaters, Not Civil Rights Activists

Chris Kluwe has been making waves the past couple weeks. Most recently because of the comments he made on Twitter about his former team, the Minnesota Vikings, and their handling of an investigation on an article he wrote for Deadspin.

Now he’s making headlines again, this time for voicing his displeasure with Vikings special teams coach Mike Priefer’s three-game suspension for his anti-gay comments. Priefer made the remarks after Kluwe began speaking out for gay marriage. The former punter made some strong connections, while other comparisons were a bit of a stretch. 

“Players who get caught smoking weed or DUI get four games, and you’re telling me the guy who made a comment like ‘let’s round up all the gays put them on an island nuke it till it glows’ — he’s only going to get a slap on the wrist?” Kluwe said.

“The NFL is a league where you can get redemption for killing someone, for beating your wife in an elevator, for driving drunk, for a whole variety of things but when you speak out for civil rights, that’s the one thing you cannot get redeemed for,” Kluwe added.

Obviously, Kluwe was referring to Ray Rice and the incident he had a few months ago where he was caught on camera dragging his now-wife out of an elevator. Of course, rather than redemption, it would seem that Rice is a pivotal part of the Ravens organization and not, say, the punter. So they might try a bit harder to do what they can to keep him around.

I’m just saying.

Kluwe, while his heart might be in the right place, is an absolute atom bomb for any team at this point. He was cut by the Vikings and has since been cut by the Raiders. No team is going to touch him if he keeps up his one man crusade against the NFL.

But you have to give him credit, he isn’t taking any sh*t from anyone.