Dan Marino, Jim Kelly Share Touching Moment In Hospital

Talk about a group of legends. Dan Marino, Howard Schnellenberger, and Bill Polian made a stop by the hospital on Sunday to pay a visit to their good friend Jim Kelly, who recently finished radiation treatments for cancer. Jim’s wife Jill captured the fantastic moment between the guys on Instagram.

Kinda LOVED this visit! On the field warriors and off the field the best of friends. Amazing how a visit from this guy can lift Jim’s spirits. Thank you Dan! @DanMarinoStill all about squishing the fish though… #prayersforJK

Sometimes talking about the past helps encourage you to press on in the present!! So grateful for these men… All part of Jim’s story. Interesting how trials bring us back together again. #prayersforJK Thank you Bill Polian, Howard Schnellenberger and of course #13Grateful for your lasting friendship!