The Derek Jeter Retirement Tour Stopped In Toronto And The Blue Jays Suck At Giving Gifts

The Derek Jeter retirement tour rolled through Toronto this weekend, and like so many other teams the Blue Jays got gifts for Jeter. Except instead of getting him something cool or sentimental, they bought him a vacation.

The Blue Jays got The Captain a three-night stay in the royal suite of The Fairmont Banff Springs in Banff, Alberta, Canada. They also donated $10,000 to his Turn 2 Foundation.

While the images Google has of Banff look pretty incredible, this gift is all sorts of wrong.

First of all, look at what the other teams have gotten Jeter as a homage to his incredible career. The Detroit Tigers got him two seats from original Tiger Stadium and three framed paintings of him playing in high school at Tiger Stadium and Comerica Park. The Chicago White Sox made him a sweet bench out of bats and bases. The Minnesota Twins gave him the last second base ever used at the old Metrodome. The Seattle Mariners gave him a base and a seat from the old Kingdome, where he played his first ever MLB game.

I could go on all afternoon. For more, check here.

The gift of a vacation just seems lazy and not well thought out. Get him something original. Something that will always make him think about a certain point in his career when he looks at it.

Don’t get him a vacation. He can do that on his own.

  • Steve from Brighton

    Obviously, you’ve never been to Banff, Alberta. It’s beautiful; nestled in the Rocky Mountains, natural hot springs, all sorts of wild life – nothing short of fantastic scenery. This is the land that glaciers carved out during many ice ages – it would make a great vacation or honeymoon. The Banff Springs Hotel is world class – nothing more needs to be said. I understand your argument, but you wouldn’t say this if you’ve been to this part of north america.

  • Dennisinlexky

    If he don’t want it I’ll take it.