Derek Jeter to open his own publishing division

Derek Jeter is preparing himself for life after baseball. The New York Times reports Jeter is set to open a publishing division with Simon & Schuster. The division will be called Jeter Publishing.

Jeter Publishing will release its first books in 2014. According to the The Times, Jeter views the publishing platform as a potential avenue into other media.

The publishing imprint will include nonfiction books for adults, like biographies and titles on business and lifestyle; children’s picture books; middle-grade fiction; and books for young children who are just learning to read. Jeter suggested the book enterprise might lead to other ways of presenting content, like films or television.

Throughout his career, Jeter has been selective with his endorsement deals. In regards to the publishing company, he expects to maintain a strong level of control, as well as be involved in some of the day-to-day decisions.

Jeter said he intends to be deeply involved in the details of every book. He has final approval over which titles are signed. He wants to weigh in on decisions like what a book’s title is and what the cover art looks like. “If I put my name on something, I’m going to be involved,” he said. “I’m not just going to put my name on it and not pay attention.”

According to the president of Simon and Schuster, one of the first books planned for release is a,”Derek Jeter guide to baseball,” for young children.

Aside from his publishing project, Jeter is working on his return to the New York Yankees infield. He recently received a one-year, $12 million contract for the 2014 season.