Video: Dwight Howard would do a UFC fight for $10 million

How much money would it take you to get into the Octagon against a trained Ultimate Fighting Championship competitor? First-year Houston Rockets big man Dwight Howard has his answer to that question: $10 million, for three rounds.

It’s on tape, too, so he can’t back out of it. Howard and teammate Chandler Parsons (who was instrumental in bringing Howard to Houston from the Lakers in the offseason) stopped by UFC commissioner Dana White’s office before UFC 166. The event was being held in Houston’s Toyota Center.

At the 4:27-mark of White’s personal UFC Fight for the Troops vlog, Howard pops in to say hello. From there, he chats about how excited he is for the event, until Parsons rolls in with some buddies. At that point, Howard asks Parsons if he would ever get into the ring – to which Mr. Parsons gives a bit of an NSFW answer.

That’s when Howard starts talking details. Listening to all of it, White excitedly says he wants to, “do that pay-per-view when [Howard’s] ready,” at the 6:18 mark.

We imagine there are a few Magic and Lakers fans who would like to see Howard try his hand in the Octagon.