Dwight Howard’s High School Girls Rumor Fires Up Internet

Let me preface this post with the statement that I have no idea whether the rumors about Dwight Howard fooling around with a high school girl are real. It’s a serious charge and, considering the Internet runs with all kinds of fabricated stories (Johnny Manziel dick dog, anyone?), this could lie anywhere in the spectrum of truth and lies.

That said, the Twitterverse was abuzz on Thursday under the belief that Dwight had some sort of philandering relationship with one or more high school girls. Here are the chats/photos that set the Internet on fire.

Considering the gravitas of this situation, Dwight’s camp will most likely respond. We will update with any further details.

*UPDATE* BallerAlert.com has more graphics from the alleged relationship.

  • Chim Chim

    … and that will be little howards legacy.