Eli Manning Finally Confirms What We’ve All Suspected About Tom Brady

Eli Manning held a Reddit AMA on Friday, once again showcasing his sly sense of humor. Some of the gems Manning dropped included what he would tattoo on Peyton if his bro passed out drunk (Mighty Mouse), N’Sync or Backstreet (N’Sync) and favorite beer (Bud Light). Yet, among all the wisecracks, one running theme stood higher than the rest: Manning’s relationship with Tom Brady.

You see, beating the Patriots (despite some New Englanders’ beliefs) is nothing personal.

eli manning tom brady good looking

According to Eli, he and Brady get along just fine.

eli manning tom brady

In fact, he may-or-may-not think Tom Terrific is really, really, really ridiculously good looking.

eli manning reddit ama


And there you have it.