Evan Mathis, Eagles Pop Bottles With Del Frisco’s Restaurant Tab

Whatever Del Frisco’s Steakhouse in Philly is doing, they’re sure as hell doing it right by the Philadelphia Eagles. Over the weekend Lane Johnson tweeted a nearly $18,000 tab, and now on Thursday Evan Mathis shared a photo of a $64,000 bill from the restaurant.

For those of you wondering, the “Auto Gratuity” is just the private room charge. The server’s tip comes later.

And as for what lesson Mathis was teaching the rookies, maybe it was how to pull the ol’ dine and dash.

Kick his ass, Sea Bass!


Apparently this receipt was a ruse by Mathis.

You got me, bro.

I wanted to believe that Del Frisco’s locked down two otherworldly checks in one week. And that the wait staff was getting tipped out big time. And that you were “teaching rookies a lesson” on how to order a steak properly and drink nice wine.

Winner winner, no steak dinner. Rock, paper, scissor. Roshambo.

Even still: Kick his ass, Sea Bass.

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