Floyd Mayweather’s New Bugatti Costs A Small Fortune

Floyd Mayweather lives a life that most of us cannot even fathom. Gambling millions of dollars on sporting events, throwing chairs at rappers inside a Las Vegas Fatburger, making it rain in strip clubs with bricks of cash – it’s a grim fantasyland of excess, opulence and self-aggrandizement. And now you can add this Bugatti to Money’s list of extravagant things.

According to Mayweather’s Instagram account, the car cost $3 million. To put that in perspective, the median household income in America is around $53,000. It would take the average American household roughly 60 years just to buy this bad rascal.

My new Bugatti Grand Sport Limited Edtion just got delivered by @fusionluxurymotors. Hate it or Love it; what’s understood don’t have to be talked about. I got 3 Bugatti’s and this is a 1 of 1. Now here’s $3,000,000 reasons to HATE. FusionLuxuryMotors.com

But don’t feel bad, people. Odds are you’ve never served jail time for beating a woman, so you’ve got that leg up on Mayweather.