Former PGA golfer Dewey Arnette is the man behind Tim Tebow ad

On Monday a newspaper advertisement appeared in Jacksonville’s Florida-Times Union. The ad called for Mr. Kahn, the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, to sign Tim Tebow. If he did that, fans would “fill the stadium,” according to the classified.

At first we had no idea who placed the ad. ESPN had requested the record from the Florida Times-Union, but was denied. Eventually the man behind the madness gave permission for the paper to reveal his identity.

His name is Dewey Arnette and he is a former PGA golfer. Arnette now spends his time teaching golf lessons for $400 per hour – a salary that more than affords him to place a $1,200 newspaper ad calling for Tebow to Jacksonville.

“I don’t really get behind causes and hold up signs,” Arnette said. “But this was different.”

According to ESPN, this isn’t the first time Arnette has pushed for the Jaguars to sign Tebow. Arnette is also responsible for several billboard, radio station and local restaurant ads in Jacksonville, as well as airplane banners seen flying over EverBank Field.

While Arnette is dropping thousands of dollars on the Tebow talk, even he acknowledges that it’s a long shot, at best, that Tim Tebow will suit up in Jacksonville.

“I expect it to completely fall on deaf ears,” Arnette said. “But I just wanted to give it a try. Yeah, this isn’t one of those real injustices in the world. But I feel bad for him. He deserves a shot.”

Following is a look at the ad that ran in the Florida Times-Union.

Photo: Twitter/WillBrinson

Photo: Twitter/WillBrinson