Georgia WR Chris Conley Finally Releases Star Wars Fan Film … And It’s Epic

Georgia wide receiver Chris Conley finally dropped his Star Wars fan film “Retribution,” and it is awesome. You just knew it was going to be epic with an intro line that read:

“The fallen Jedi Khari Vion has been exiled since the Battle of Snelling in which he tried to kill his former Master and force students to wear jean shorts.”

Did I watch all 26:12?

Yes, yes I did.

Did I get goosebumps every time the Jedi made their way into Sanford Stadium?

You know it!

Did Mark Richt really sign off on this thing?

Did he?!

Should you, watch the entire thing?

Only if you really want to live.

Between Conley’s beautiful work with this project and getting to watch Todd Gurley’s 2014 Heisman campaign, I am picking up what UGA is putting down for 2014.

[Redditor PenniesAreUseless]