Gilbert Arenas Trolls Lance Stephenson On Instagram For Game 2

Gilbert Arenas is the Washington Wizards’ new self-appointed heckler. It’s true, he’s setting out to be the social media version of Spike Lee.

I’m the new wizard heckler!! Bullets had #robinfeckerKnicks got #spike duke has #cameroncrazies the wizards are kicking ass and taking names..too all the fans out there I made it on PTI today,and u can too

In Game 1 of the Pacers-Wizards series Agent Zero locked in on Roy Hibbert. For game two he decided to focus on Lance Stephenson. First was this gem.

#extramoves #hebeon1 let’s go wizards #wizkids on a mission

Then Hibachi went hard with the post-fame Terio troll (post-fame Terio is like pre-fame Terio only 50 pounds heavier, thus the meatier troll).

0-5 u might need 2 more red bulls bra becuz beal ain’t haven’t that tonight..u out there shaking urself lmaoo#letsgowizards

Stephenson only had three field goals on the night, but unfortunately for Gil the last one essentially clinched Indy’s victory.