The 12 Best Tweets From Failed FSU #AskJameis Q&A

Sometimes people never learn. When you openly ask Twitter to submit questions to a celebrity or athlete, odds are things are going to go south rather quickly. Never was this more apparent than when Florida State University got the incredible idea to make their Heisman winning quarterback Jameis Winston available on the social media platform.

For those of you living in a bubble or under a rock, Winston has been in the news for many things unrelated to football. There was his alleged sexual assault, his shoplifting of crab legs from Publix, he and a friend shooting squirrels on campus with BB guns and he also caught some heat for his BCS post game interview.

You know what all of that is during a Q&A with the witty people of Twitter? Ammo.

Here is a collection of some of the funnier questions asked.

And this is the single best Tweet from the #AskJameis Q&A.

Yep. We can all go home. The internet has been won for the day.

  • LOL

    these are hardly witty at all, just the same with your piss poor article. Maybe one day you will have a real job writing for a real website

    • Rapist Winston

      Somebody sounds butthurt. LOLZ

  • autgr83

    Worst PR F up of 2014 so far, but mostly funny. I wonder if Winston even knew anything about this before his twitter account blew up? Somebody in Tallahassee is a dumb ass.

  • Justin

    The amount of hate must drive these tweeters wild. Like Jameis will even read any of these. Hate on. Still Champs.