Jameis Winston Burger King 911 Call For Stealing Soda Is Laughable

Come on, people, now we are just getting out of hand. What we have here is the 911 phone call a Burger King store manager made in 2013 about Jameis Winston stealing soda, courtesy of TMZ. We’ve all been there before. You ask for a water cup, only to slip a little Sprite in instead. If you haven’t, well then I guess you’re just a better person than I am.

For all the things that Winston has done wrong, this 911 call is just laughable. Here are your tax dollars hard at work stopping a soda thief. The $.06 worth that he stole only cost the country $200 (I have no clue how much it cost, but it can’t be cheap to respond to a 911 call).

The man just wanted a litre of cola, but NCAA bylaws don’t allow for athletes to afford those types of things.