Jameis Winston Tells The World That He’s Not Dumb In Instagram Video

If you’ve never been on Jameis Winston’s Instagram feed, it’s quite the mixed bag – and a highly recommended follow. You tend to learn about a variety of topics across a wide spectrum.

Such as what Jameis looks like when he’s constipated and really needs to drop a deuce.

So constipated lol dang but I got greatness behind me even when I take one # realninjaish #believethat

Or some relationship pointers on who to date.

#TBT wit @ibreionnicole back in the days when I was skinny and she was still gorgeous and holding me down #lovedontcostathing

You might happen across a Colin Powell quote.

Wisdom Wednesdays

Or one from urban philosopher Lil Boosie.

You can get motivation from anywhere

You’ll even learn about alternative lifestyles.

Bike life in tally me and @pjwilliams_26 and @darby_ronald

My dog just vibin in the middle of the union while we continue wit that #bikelife @pjwilliams_26 and@darby_ronald

Jameis may be a lot of things, but he ain’t dumb. Don’t believe me? Just take if from the man himself.

I let my actions do all the dirty work I didn’t spend enough time on how important academics are