Jameis Winston’s Legal Punishment For Shoplifting Crab Legs

Below is a loose timeline of Jameis Winston’s shoplifting citation, including his legal punishment and ramifications for stealing crab legs. All information was collected form the Leon County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) press conference held on April 30th.

  • The incident occurred on Thursday, April 29 at a Publix supermarket on Ocala Road in Tallahassee, Fla.
  • Winston ordered crab legs and crawfish from the seafood counter; he then left without his order; he returned to the counter a short time later, shopped for butter, replaced the butter, and exited the supermarket without paying for his items.
  • He left the supermarket around 9 p.m.
  • Once store associates realized Winston was not returning from the parking lot, they went through the store’s loss prevention protocol.
  • Police arrived at Publix around 10 p.m.
  • Police then arrived at Winston’s residence around 12 a.m.
  • In a post-Miranda interview Winston acknowledged that he did not pay for the merchandise.
  • Winston told police that he forgot to pay for the items. He realized the mistake upon returning home, but made no effort to go back to Publix and pay.
  • The amount of unpaid goods was $32.72.
  • Winston was not arrested; he was given an adult civil citation.
  • The citation was agreed upon after Publix agreed not to prosecute.
  • Civil citations are relatively new to Leon County (less than a year old) – roughly 32 had been distributed prior to Winston’s citation.
  • Winston has seven (7) days to set up his pre-diversion program. If he does not, the case will be handed over to the state’s attorney.
  • The pre-diversion program mandates a minimum of 20 community service hours, though it can elevate the amount of hours.
  • There is security footage of Winston leaving the store, but it is currently classified as evidence. The case is considered “pending” until completion of the pre-diversion program.
  • LCSO would not comment on whether any personnel at FSU was contacted prior to their meeting with Winston.
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