See The World Through James Harden’s Beard

James Harden’s beard is a thing of beauty. We all know this. And now it’s finally (finally!) getting the artistic recognition it so rightly deserves.

The website creates a profile shot of Harden and his beard through various mediums “because of his (Harden’s) unique, awesome bearded profile.” Below is the site’s mission statement.

James Harden Illustrated is project where profile of James Harden is illustrated in various mediums, techniques and styles by Filip Peraić. Point of this personal project is to sharpen creativity. Without creative brief or constraints from the client, this experiment is like training ground for a creative mind. This project is about avoiding the enslavement of an expression to one style/concept.

Theme of James Harden’s profile is chosen because of belief that this “constraint” will produce more creative approaches and produce out-of-the-box solutions. Some results will be led by more stylistic/aesthetic idea, some more conceptual or metaphorical. There are three rules: white background, create inside of James Harden’s profile form and innovative solution.

Can I interest you in a portrait of Harden made of hair?

How about The Beard in flower, Greek philosopher and camouflage form? Enjoy!

For more Harden beards (which you can also purchase!), check out James Harden Illustrated.