Jimbo Fisher Won’t Punish Jameis Winston Because He Likes Baseball

Thank goodness for baseball season, or else Jimbo Fisher would’ve been forced to hand out some discipline. Luckily Jameis Winston is a two-sport star, and baseball coach Mike Martin has taken care of things (and let’s be honest, Martin is the disciplinarian in the family). According to Fisher, Winston has served his time and won’t face any punishment from the football team.

It’s probably for the best. That would’ve been hard on all parties involved, huh Jimbo?

“If he would have been in football only, he would have been suspended from football activities only until we took care of all those things,” Fisher said. “To him that’s just as devastating [missing three baseball games]. To me too. I like baseball.”

I can imagine. Three whole games – in a row, no less. Jameis, the fans – everyone loses in that situation (except for the team, they won all three games).

Stop. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re wrong. This is baseball, you see. This is a big deal. Jameis throws, he hits, he does big boy things. Jimbo agrees. Right, coach?

“He’s in baseball right now,” Fisher said Monday during the ACC spring meetings. “He’s not just a reliever, he’s a closer. This guy is a dominant player now, he’s a huge factor. So taking him off the team for three games until he got that done was a huge [deal], because baseball to him is no different than playing football.”

You see, discipline isn’t about learning a lesson. It’s not about righting a wrong. It doesn’t span more than one sport, let alone one weekend. It’s more like a pat on the back, or a friendly hug – or is that consolation? – whatever, this is what works dammit.

Can’t you see the kid is torn up? Haven’t you walked into a grocery store with the sole intent of buying one specific item, and then walked past the cashier and forgotten to pay for the only item you picked up? Happens to everyone, right? Youthful ignorance.

Anyway, Jameis is devastated, but working through it. Jimbo was almost devastated but has persevered. And sure Mike Martin’s punishment was devastatingly cruel and unfair, but all parties have moved on. Now let’s put this to bed and go win another ‘ship.