Joe Haden: Browns, Cavaliers ‘Tight Fight’ For First Title In Cleveland

You read that right.

Pro Bowl cornerback Joe Haden appeared on NFL Network’s “Total Access” and told them it would be a “tight fight” between the Cleveland Browns and the Cavaliers when it comes to who would bring the city it’s first championship since 1964. Maybe Haden forgot the Cavaliers just locked down the best athlete in the world in LeBron James?

“You know Bron he makes things happen pretty quickly. So we gonna have to get to it,” Haden said. “I say it’s going to be a tight fight. I know me and [Johnny] Manziel are going to be pushing to make that happen before. But I know that’s why LeBron’s coming, to bring a championship to the city, and I’m trying to do the same thing.”

Haden went on to point out that the city was on the up and up even before LeBron James made his announcement on

“You can feel it everywhere, especially after the draft when we got [Justin] Gilbert and we got Manziel. The city’s buzzing and now that LeBron’s coming back and we got Andrew Wiggins,” Haden said. “The whole city feels really good about itself. I feel like it’s time for us, there’s no reason we can’t win games out here with the Cavs and the Browns.”

While Joe Haden’s enthusiasm is commendable, it is really hard to bet against a player that has been to the last four NBA Finals while the Browns have made the playoffs (Wild Card, 2002) once since 1999.