Johnny Manziel Is Living Life To The Fullest And We’re All Better For It

Johnny Manziel got in a little rap session with the media after Cleveland’s OTAs on Wednesday. The hot topic appeared to be his Memorial Day weekend spent in Las Vegas, in which Manziel was asked asked about his critics, and living life to the fullest.

Whoops, sorry Johnny. Puritanical means all the stodgy, self-righteous windbags who play the holier-than-thou card and act like they’ve never been 21 or seen the inside of a gin joint.

There you go, mate. Hell, I don’t see people coming down on Eric LeGrand living for the memories in Vegas this past weekend. Donte Whitner is right there with you.

And while certain media outlets will seek out smoke where there is no fire – such is the nature of the offseason – Cleveland’s coaches appear to have some perspective.

Kyle Shanahan even sees similarities between Manziel and RG3 (other than Mack Brown thinking they should both play in the secondary).

Which leaves us here. If his coaches and teammates don’t have a problem with Manziel spending a long weekend in Vegas, why is it a story? For major news outlets, who knows? People like to stir the pot and jump to conclusions.

For this site, it’s a story because we love the party. You raged in Vegas and then flew home coach in the bitch seat – we’ve all been there. Stories like this humanize you. And that’s what we want. We’re ultimately voyeurs, and you’re relatable. So have fun, man. Life’s short. And remember what Biggie said.