Johnny Manziel Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Looks Real, Sounds Fake

There was no easing into Friday morning in the sports world. Not with a potential lawsuit being dropped on Johnny Manziel. But is this affidavit from Samantha Schacher seeking a restraining order against Manziel for sexual harassment real or fake? It was filed in the U.S. District Court for Middle District of Florida, but one read through and it seems to be frivolous.

Schacher claims to have emotional distress caused by Manziel’s sexually explicit actions, and that Judereon Clowney – not to be confused with Jadeveon – would Skype Manziel pictures of his penis. She also states that Manziel made her a video at Walt Disney World while on “It’s A Small World.”

Schacher is seeking $25,000,000 in punitive damages from Manziel.

Shortly after it surfaced, Manziel’s agent, Erik Burkhardt, tweeted that the lawsuit was fake and/or frivolous in nature.

Following is the complete case affidavit, courtesy of

johnny manziel sexual harrassment restraining order

johnny manziel sexual harrasment lawsuit

We will continue to update you here as more information is made available.

[H/T Darren Heitner]

  • abellsujr

    This can’t be real, right?

  • Ryan P. Case

    100% Fake. Typos and language used not court documents