Johnny Manziel Is ‘Way Up’ With Colleen Crowley, Who Is A Girl You Should Know

Johnny Manziel was in the Space City over the past couple of days for Drake’s “Houston Appreciation Weekend.” JFF only knows how to roll one way, so it’s fitting that he linked up with Texas smoke Colleen Crowley. Manziel posted this picture to Instagram, with the caption, “WAYYYY UP @coll_crowley.”

If you aren’t familiar with the Crowley girls, Colleen’s sister Robyn is dating Chandler Parsons. She’s one of our favorite NBA WAGs here at Gamedayr. If two weren’t enough, there’s also a third sister, Taylor. Collectively they’re vying for the unofficial title of “best-looking sisters in America.”

crowley sisters

Colleen’s Instagram has nearly 12,000 followers, and one look through this photo gallery you’ll understand exactly why. All we need now is for Parsons, Manziel, and the two Crowley sisters to hit the town together.

[Photos via Colleen Crowley Instagram]


Let’s check in on all parties involved in this lovely post.

Robyn Crowley

Somewhere along the way, Robyn Crowley and Chandler Parsons broke it off. Alas. Both parties appear to be doing well. Parsons signed a badass deal with the Dallas Mavericks and is settling in just fine this season. As for Crowley … still smoke.

Colleen Crowley

By all accounts, Colleen Crowley and Johnny Manziel are still dating. Manziel’s last Instagram post was of he and Crowley making out, so there’s that. At the original posting of this article, Colleen Crowley’s Instagram account had about 12,000 followers. It’s now up to 129,000. So yeah, she’s doing alright. Oh yeah, also … still smoke.

Johnny Manziel

As for Johnny Football, it’s been a world of ups and downs since the last posting. Manziel appeared on top of the world and was all set to take on the starting role of the Cleveland Browns. However, he sat for a while behind Brian Hoyer. He was chastised for partying, got into a late night scuffle, petered out towards the end of his rookie season, and entered rehab late in January. Since seeking treatment little has been said/heard about/from Manziel. Given the lifestyle he was living before – burning the candle at both ends – perhaps that’s for the best.