Former Teammate Of Josh Gordon Pleading For Someone To Help Him ‘Pick Up The Pieces’

D’Qwell Jackson was released by the Cleveland Browns in February of this year. When it was announced, the entire Browns community was sad to see him go. He was a great player that had stuck with the Browns for eight seasons. By the end of those eight seasons, he had become the veteran leader that everyone had hoped he would.

During his last two seasons, Jackson was teammates with the embattled Josh Gordon who in addition to potentially violating league substance abuse after failing a drug test, was arrested for DWI over the weekend. He was facing an eight game suspension for the upcoming season. Now, with the additional trouble, it looks as though Josh Gordon won’t see a field until 2015.

D’Qwell Jackson took to Twitter to plead that anyone that knows Josh personally step in.

This is why the people in Cleveland still love DQ52.