Oregon’s Josh Huff rips NCAA on Twitter after canceling birthday party

You want to throw a birthday party, and charge for it, collegiate athlete? Too bad, the NCAA doesn’t want you to have fun.

According to Oregon wide receiver Josh Huff’s Twitter account, that’s exactly what has happened to him.

Huff was planning on having a birthday party following Saturday’s game against Washington State. According to his tweets, Huff was charging people to get into his bash so that he could afford to pay for it. Due to the NCAA cracking down, he’s now lost $1,500.

Okay, he’s done.

Almost done.

We don’t fault Huff for being upset. It’s his birthday, and he can cry if he wants too. Really, though, it’s ridiculous that an athlete can’t charge his friends to comp his own party.

[H/T DailyEmerald.com]

  • fedup

    What’s ridiculous is the entitlement mentality of athletes who if are on an out of state full ride scholarship easily receive more than 30-40K between tuition, books, medical care, housing, grants, loans, food, and other benefits a YEAR based solely on the fact he is a football player. Effective this August, the NCAA altered bylaws to allow schools to pay for educationally and personal development related expenses above and beyond school, which schools could use to purchase iPads, trips, etc. Not to mention a new multimillion $ building that is used to training, tutoring, entertainment etc. Yet still expect more because Oregon makes money off him. If he is so unhappy, he doesn’t have to play football, then he charge what ever he wants for a cover charge to party no one would care about if he wasn’t a football player. I am so tired of hearing football and basketball college athletes complain that they should be paid. They are – better than most people their age, who actually pay to attend college, not the other way around.

    Statistically more athletic programs loose money than make it, and guess who makes up the difference. The rest of the students who can barely afford tickets to support the very team their money goes to sponsor, because they have to pay for things like tuition, books, parking, all types of fees, and don’t have tutors that paid to take notes for them in class.

    Not that I am fan of all things NCAA, however Oregon is member and has agreed to conduct their program by certain rules. No one is forcing the kid to play. He went to Oregon so that he would be showcased, requiring them to upfront all the money, time, and additional training. Throwing a glorified temper tantrum at the very organizations that make you famous just looks silly.

  • levajack

    Huff thinks he puts in 11,000 to 12,000 hours a year into football? Out of state tuition is 30,000, then you factor in food and housing, and his scholarship must be around 45,000-50,000 dollars a year. 50,000 / 4 = 12,500 hours.

    There are only 8,760 hours in a year.

  • resident nemisis

    Excellent, well worded, and well thought out post fedup. I agree 100%. According to his entitlement mentality I’m owed a lot of money for past children’s birthday parties and at the same time I sure owe a lot of people money. I never paid nor did I charge for any party attended or thrown. I owe a lot of tuition money I was forced to borrow. So Mr. Huff I have an idea for you, since you will have a college degree get a job. You should be able to recoup the cost in at least 1 week. If your even luckier to get drafted and make an NFL team then you should be able top recoup your party costs in a few hours to no more than 1 day. $1500 for flyers? You printed to many and where did you do your printing at? I think you wanted to pocket the money or you needed to recoup alcohol costs. I can only sit here as a parent and re-read your text and wonder how much underage drinking was going to happen at the party. Your in college your not entitled to be paid for playing football and the college does not have to pay you neither does the NCAA. I bet your education is being paid for by one of these entities so appreciate what your getting for free and grow up. If you want to make money wait until you graduate and get a job or work your butt off an make it onto an NFL team.

  • autigers2010champs

    If he played at bammer the strength coach could have ” loaned ” him the money