Josh Reddick Is The Ultimate Warrior Of Baseball Interviews

Oakland A’s right fielder Josh Reddick was injected with the power of the Ultimate Warrior during a recent “Intentional Talk” interview. Reddick sprinted into the segment like the Warrior charging the ring at Summerslam ’92, and then paid homage to the squared circle’s fallen icon.

Aside from his getup, the interview was very un-Warriorlike. There was no screaming, no gibberish, no gorilla press; it was very subdued. For everything and more that you ever wanted to know about Josh Reddick, check out the full interview below.

And just because we’d be doing the entire Gamedayr Nation a disservice without showing some clip of the Warrior, here’s a mashup of his best promos (adjust volume accordingly).


Watch Reddick as his Oakland A’s take on the Texas Rangers today by heading over to ScoreBig for tickets.