Stripper Goes Hard After Cheapskate Royals Players

If the world didn’t already know who Royals pitchers Bruce Chen and Yordano Ventura were, they do now thanks to this shaming stripper and her coined “trashdick” phrase. Apparently Chen and Ventura crossed Isabel Kennedy – writer, art maker, ass clapper – at a Minneapolis strip club, where they channeled their inner No Tippin’ Pippen by tightening the pursestrings.

Kennedy took to Twitter to blast the duo, whom she claimed were like all professional athletes: cheap (she must have never met Charles Barkley or Phil Mickelson).

stripper bruce chen

bruce chen yordano ventura

Sounds like Chen and Ventura could use a visit to Kennedy’s blog to learn a little something about strip club etiquette. Remember folks: tip your servers and strippers.

[Next Impulse via Deadspin]