Kawhi Leonard’s Twitter Birth Starts With A Brooklyn Decker Bang

Fresh off an NBA Championship and Finals MVP with the San Antonio Spurs, Kawhi Leonard continues to dominate life. On Tuesday he gave birth to his Twitter account, which started with a bang. Not like a sex bang, but like a yo-the-party-is-here bang.

Leonard tweeted out a photo of himself, Michael Strahan, Brooklyn Decker, and an MVP pizza from his appearance on “LIVE with Michael and Kelly.” From no Twitter to sharing a picture with supermodel Brooklyn Decker, it just doesn’t get much more bangin’ than that. Sorry Strahan, it’s not like you’re the only person to ever be overshadowed by Decker. And the pizza looks delicious. But I think we can all agree on who the real star is here.

In the first three hours of his Twitter’s existence, Leonard had picked up approximately 21,000 followers. Mallory Edens knows a thing or two about what Kawhi’s Twitter is experiencing.

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