Ken Griffey Jr. issues apology to Linda Cohn for interview

On Wednesday, Ken Griffey Jr. made an appearance on SportsCenter for an “interview” with Linda Cohn. I quote interview because what Griffey gave was anything but that. Less than 24 hours later and the former slugger apologized to Cohn for the way he acted.

Griffey posted the following message to Instagram with a picture of him smiling (apparently Cohn’s tweets sent a message):

I want to apologize to Linda for the way things went today. I was in the middle of a cough attack and felt a little ill and didn’t want to walk off the set. Linda has always been professional to me and my family . I’m sorry, Junior @espn @sportcenter @lindacohn

He also called Cohn to personally apologize, which Cohn accepted.

Kudos to Griffey for quickly manning up and admitting that he acted unprofessionally.