Kevin Durant is really pumped for the new Entourage movie

Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant is really excited that they’re finally making an Entourage movie – as is every other guy in America.

The ultimate bro-show involving fame, fortune, lots of hotties and close buddies came to an end in 2011. Since then, however, fans have been clamoring for a feature-film version of the wildly popular HBO show.

At several different junctures, it looked like it wasn’t going to happen – that Vinny, E, Drama, Turtle and, of course, Ari, were never going to grace the silver screen.

With a tweet, however, that all changed, and Durant may never have been happier in his entire life.

Maybe he’s pushing for a cameo? Honestly, it could be a lot better than trying to bring Lamar Odom back for a second go-around.