Kevin Durant Hangs With Amanda Dufner And Her Husband Jason

Kevin Durant is besties with Amanda Dufner and her husband – I think his name is Jason. Anywho, after the Thunder lost Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals to the Spurs, Mr. Unreliable spent some time with the first family of golf. He even brought his better half, Russell Westbrook, along.

Best of 7. #thunderup #playoffs @aharri21@easymoneysniper

Amanda also posted a picture of golf’s first family hanging out with KD one day prior to Game 1. You’ll notice that in both photos Durant is just a tad bit closer to Amanda than Jason, and that Duf is wearing his classic “I may have just farted” grin.

Fun night in San Antonio. #thunderup #playoffs@easymoneysniper

For a timeline of the Dufners’ relationship with Durant, check out the Back 9 Network’s coverage.