Kliff Kingsbury offers $1,000 to fan with best costume at Oklahoma State game

Kliff Kingsbury is already the most talked about coach in the nation, with arguably the greatest style the coaching ranks have ever seen. Instead of putting his cash into more pairs of sunglasses, however, the Texas Tech leader is using it to drum up a little Halloween spirit A thousand dollars worth of Halloween spirit, to be precise.

Kingsbury is set to dole out a cool $1,000 to the best-dressed fan at the Red Raiders’ huge game against the Oklahoma State Cowboys. He’ll also be handing out $500 for a second-place winner and $250 for third-place.

For those in Lubbock that have been eating Ramen noodles this semester, Halloween might be a great excuse to splurge on an amazing costume. Just call it an “investment.”


Perhaps Mr. Kingsbury will be a tad partial to those sporting Justin Bieber outfits?