Listen: ‘Lamar Odom’ rap song by Whole Slab, member of Rick Ross’ record label

The good news for Lamar Odom is that his fame isn’t going away anytime soon, thanks to a new song titled “Lamar Odom” by Whole Slab. The bad news is that the song under Rick Ross’ record label, Maybach Music Group, is referring to crack as “Lamar Odom.”

The following from TMZ:

Slab tells TMZ Sports straight up … “Lamar Odom is now the street word for that illegal white substance.”

Clearly, the lyrics were inspired by Lamar’s substance abuse issues — particularly, his issues with crack.

As for Rick Ross’ role on the song — Slab says, “Rick inspired me and guided me through the making of my album. Lamar Odom is my first single and we’re going to shoot a video for it.”

You can listen to the song below, but beware, it is NSFW.