Alabama’s Landon Collins’ Shot At Oklahoma Is One Dumb Twitter Rant

Welcome to the offseason, a time where idle hands lead to, well, all sorts of things. In this case, it’s a Twitter beef between Alabama and Oklahoma. In case you have forgotten, the Sooners lambasted the Crimson Tide in the 2014 Sugar Bowl, 45-31. The final score isn’t quite indicative of how OU controlled the game.

ESPN’s Edward Aschoff recently published an article in which Alabama defensive back Landon Collins talked about how the loss, and subsequent chatter, fired up the Tide defense. Collins also used the platform as an opportunity to take a shot at Oklahoma.

“That just fires it up, because we know what type of defense we are,” Collins said. “We already know what we are capable of. Just to hear that we got picked apart by an offense that shouldn’t have been on the field with us, that’s a disgrace to Alabama defense. We need to pick it up from that standpoint.”

Sooners center Gabe Ikard caught wind of Collins’ statement, and decided to check the DB on Twitter.

Apparently Collins has a short memory, because he hit Twitter like the Tide hadn’t just received an ass whoopin’ from the Sooners.

Adrian Peterson? Sam Bradford? Gerald McCoy? Trent Williams? Jermaine Gresham? Lane Johnson?

So to recap: Oklahoma pounded Alabama, yet the Tide, according to Landon Collins, are on a whole different level of play. Makes sense, right?


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