Cupcakes And LeBron: That’s What Ohio Does

I love this story.

Caroline’s Cupcakes in Canton, Ohio dropped some tasty LeBron James news on Saturday with word that The King is a lock to return to Cleveland.

lebron james cupcakes

And you know what: why not? The National Enquirer was an unreliable trash rag until it broke the Tiger Woods scandal. Ditto with TMZ uncovering the Jameis Winston sexual assault investigation. Why can’t a cupcake shop lock up LeBron’s free agency move?

Just two days after the Facebook post, Chris Broussard is all aboard the LBJ to Cleveland train. Adrian Wojnarowski has sources who claim LeBron’s agent is pushing for a homecoming. Seemingly every corner of the Internet is oozing with James to the Cavs rumors/speculation.

We live in the Information (and misinformation) age. Anyone has the potential to access once-confidential news. Anything is possible. I hope this one sticks the landing (though I won’t know what to think if a Cuban bakery in Hialeah claims LBJ is keeping his talents in South Beach).

“The Decision” from four years ago was so bizarre, it only feels right for a cupcake shop in Canton to pin this one down. And if not, then this was nothing less than damn fine marketing. The Internet, ladies and gentleman: it’s a helluva drug.