VIDEO: LeBron James: ‘No Guy In The NBA Should Ever Wear 23’

Back in 2010, when the future of LeBron James was uncertain, one thing was certain.

No one should be wearing number 23 in the NBA.

During a post game interview with Craig Sager, he talked of how much of an impact Michael Jordan has and how people should honor him by not wearing his number. He even went as far as saying that “no guy in the NBA should ever wear 23” and that he would be changing his number “because that’s how much respect I have for a guy [Michael Jordan] like that”.

Today, LeBron James announced that he would be wearing number 23 when he returns to the Cleveland Cavaliers line up. Now, it’s not illegal to change your mind, but I am sure the talking heads at the Worldwide Leader are going to hang on this clip and his comments for the next couple months.

At least until football starts.