LeBron James murdered Ben McLemore on dunk per Wikipedia

You just had to know the Wikipedia treatment was coming for Ben McLemore following LeBron James’ posterizing dunk on the rookie.

During the first quarter of Friday night’s Miami-Sacramento game, James nearly jumped out of the arena to throw down a vicious one-handed slam over McLemore. The former Kansas Jayhawk made the No. 1 mistake of trying to stop a freight train, and it cost him his life.

Per McLemore’s Wikiedpia: “On December 20th, 2013 McLemore’s career was abruptly cut short as he disintegrated into nothing by LeBron James of the Miami Heat after a vicious dunk in the 1st quarter.”

ben mclemore lebron james wikipedia

If James keeps doing this, the league is going to need to institute some sort of “post traumatic posterization” program.

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