LeBron James impressed by star freshmen, but not college basketball’s new foul rules

LeBron James is not impressed with the new hand-checking foul rules in the college game. Like many, he would like to see the foul limit increased to six, as it is in the NBA.

College officials instituted the new rules in an effort to keep games moving faster. Instead, the early results have been a parade to the free throw line.

While watching elite freshmen Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Julius Randle play during the Champions Classic, James weighed in on the game’s young talent.

Wiggins has been called “the next LeBron,” and he looked great tallying 22 points and eight boards in the Jayhawks to a 94-83 win over Duke. Parker was the No. 2-rated 2013 recruit nationally, behind Wiggins, and he put up 27 points and nine rebounds in the loss.

Kentucky and Julius Randle lost, 78-74, to a veteran Michigan State squad. Like the other two star youngsters, Randle put up huge numbers with 27 points and 13 rebounds.

King James may not like the flow of the college game, but he certainly knows talent when he sees it.