Mario Balotelli, A Shotgun And A Kiss For The Haters

Mario Balotelli came after “the haters” guns blazing – literally. Balotelli, never one to shy away from controversy, posted (and quickly deleted) an Instagram photo of himself pointing a shotgun at the camera (his phone?). The caption below his post read “big kiss to all the haters.”

Considering the Internet has an eternal footprint, here’s a screenshot of the poorly planned, slightly frightening photo shoot.

mario balotelli instagram

The most exciting part of this whole thing: in just 31 minutes 778 people in the world showed up to “like” Balotelli’s ability to both wield a big ass gun and overuse cute little emojis. It’s the yin and yang, I suppose.


  • topryder1

    He probably needs one in Italy to protect himself from nasty Italian fans. But you should not act as if this man is a household name.

    • Viktor Drago

      hey FU and your comment about nasty Italian fans go check out the English, Irish, Spanish, Portuguese fans if you want nasty you little pricked d-bag

  • Tom Tucker

    Never heard of the guy. Don’t know why the author stated this pointing of a shotgun at a camera was slightly scary unless he said it for sensationalism as most reporters do.

  • Mel Bias

    who’s the guy with the nice haircut.

  • Victor Newman

    cowardly and weak.

  • Victor Newman

    what a tough guy. just like any other loser who wusses out and deletes tweets.

  • ImJustAGuy

    Nothing wrong with owning and using firearms. I have to wonder how seriously he takes being a firearm owner based on his selfie pointing his shotgun at the camera along with his poorly-chosen caption.

    This sort of immaturity reflects poorly on all firearm owner. There’s far too many self-appointed arbiters of morality who will use things like this to paint all firearm owners in a bad light.

    • hoo

      Don’t lose sleep over it…..really you shouldn’t care about opinions on the net…most are just that, opinions…a place to vent.

  • Viktor Drago

    he should turn it around and pull the trigger

  • hoo

    This A$$ is immature about firearms…..the way he’s holding the barrel part (front). If he were to fire it….specially a shotgun….the thing would tear outta his right hand and probably knock into his chrome dome……would be funny to see.

    • Viktor Drago

      his dome is not chrome its eggplant

      • hoo

        Eggplant or not, the dude is still fugly.

    • Chris

      Wrong, he is holding by the forestock. Properly.

      • hoo

        Nope, he is holding the front end of the shotgun improperly… me…….Just came from the range……showed this guy’s pic…..lot better shooters than me….the overall opinion is this clown knows very little about firearms……maybe to put it simple….he knows very little about himself.

  • Viktor Drago

    this eggplant should shoot that stupid hair off his head

    • hoo

      If that dude grew “hair” he wouldn’t need a seat belt…just a little Velcro on the headrest…and welllahh!!!

  • kennylc

    If he wants to play with his guns, he’s a grown man… he can play with his guns. The bigger idiot is the guy taking the picture. Sorry, but I wouldn’t be too comfortable with someone pointing gun at me while I take the pic, but I know I’m weird like that.

    • hoo

      Mayb it was a selfie?

  • Lario Sacta

    The only reason why this picture is an issue is because Balotelli is not American but European and over in Europe they still possess a relatively sane perception in terms of firearms. Americans on the other hand are abosluetly nuts when it comes to guns.

    • hoo

      Now that’s a statement lots of Americans would beg to differ. Gun owners that is.

  • Richard Cockman

    How very mature. Like a 13 year old edgelord.